Well it took a few months, but we were able to lockdown candidate Jason Garnar inbetween events in his campaign schedule. The Democratic challenger for the Broome County Executive race, spoke without fear to the "Dragon of the Southern Tier" and addressed his concerns for the future and the Southern Tier. 

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We will work on trying to get a few more candidates on before the November election, so stay tuned.

The 2016 elections, more than any election in recent memory (or perhaps ever), is poised to be an election cycle based on feelings over facts and details. From the presidential to the local elections, candidates of all political Parties are avoiding details and manipulating the emotions of voters. How this will prioritize policy, where it can, depends entirely on how your vote ranks. 

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With the latest news on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton since Friday in the open, we stop to look at what this all means. What are the critical things to be thinking about as the 2nd Presidential debate of 2016 unfolds? What will this mean for the nation, and the world?

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Of course the main issue in politics for most people is the 2016 Presidential race, be we look at a few different aspects of that race in this episode. In addition we consider the ramification of who chooses the next 1-3 Supreme Court Justices and how it may effect the nation for generations. Lastly we touch on the trend in politics (at all levels and Parties) to promote rumor and personal vendettas at the expense of voters (which may confirm why some consider me the dragon of the Southern Tier).

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It's taken a few months to secure the interview with Binghamton's 2rd District Councilwoman Dani Cronce. In this exclusive interview we find out all the projects and issues that have kept this new Councilmember busy, and likely to be busy in the future.

A few links mentioned in the interview:
Broome County Adopt-A-Park  https://bcadoptaparkllc.wordpress.com/ 
Shade Tree Commission         http://www.binghamton-ny.gov/shade-tree-commission

We were able to lockdown an interview with Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (NY-123, Democrat) after she appeared at the AFRTC Vestal Candidate Forum (visit www.mvass.com for coverage of that event). That event was the 6 year anniversary of speaking with the Assemblywoman and covering various issue - which we addressed in the interview. She also shared with us some of the latest Bills and laws she has been working on and her objective if she is re-elected in November.

We then jumped a bit as we discuss all the ways that the major news media has been justifying the recent poll result that only 32% of the public trust traditional news media. Ranging from getting the stories completely wrong to racing so fast to break news that facts are corrupted we give examples of how the traditional media is failing the public. 

We jump again and address a pet peeve, no an outright disservice to voters - when candidates avoid contact with the public to enhance their election prospects. We use Martin Babinec as one example of this trend - and extend again the offer for Babinec to come clean with the public. Honestly not holding our breath on that or else we would have passed out 6 months ago.

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** Upcoming interviews - Binghamton Mayor Rich David & Councilwoman Dani Cronce **

This podcast goes into thoughts on the reluctance of some to address the bombs in New York City and New Jersey as a terrorist act. Why? Is it economics? Politics?

We then address a somewhat related subject of immigration - legal, illegal and refugees. We talk about the problems of the system, the crimes involved, and the curious need to focus on Syrian refugees as opposed to say Darfur refugees.

For a totally different final segment we then discussed our thoughts about the Americans for Restoring the Constitution (AFRTC) Vestal NY Candidate Forum. We highlight the differences from the Tabernacle United Methodist Candidate Forum from the week prior. We also hit on some of the noteworthy responses to questions in  addition to who did not appear at the event. 

Sharon Ball (State Senate candidate) rescheduled, Kim Myers and Martin Babinec (both running for the NY-22) abandoned the public, as did Debbie Preston (incumbent Broome County Executive). Libertarian Alex Merced will respond to questions via Youtube, and Wendy Long (both are running against Sen. Schumer) will also seek to respond in a similar manner.

In this special episode we provide the complete audio of the candidate forum held at the Tabernacle United Methodist Church located at 83 Main Street in Binghamton, NY. The 6 candidates are: incumbent State Senator Fred Akshar and his challenger Sharon Ball; incumbent Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and her opponent Dorollo Nixon; and the incumbent Debbie Preston with her challenger Jason Garnar.

We strongly recommend review of MVASS.com for our article Candidate Forum at Tabernacle United Methodist in Binghamton NY which reviewed the event and may help keep context of all speakers at the event.

In the coming 2 weeks we expect top provide interviews with Binghamton Mayor Rich David, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, Broome County Executive candidate Jason Garnar, and a few more.

Back from the Labor Day weekend and we start with a discussion about celebrating 9/11, the Town of Owego, and the national controversy that has caused. We speak with Don Castellucci, a Town Supervisor, about the privately funded monument and the efforts to preserve both historical fact and the memory of those lost 15 years ago.

We conclude the episode with a discussion about how the First Amendment interacts with 9/11 events and monuments. Plus how Political Correctness is attempting to alter history.

For those with interest in helping donate for the Owego 9/11 Memorial, visit http://townofowego.com/

We go over the impact of the presidential and local elections on the Supreme Court, TPP, Iran Nuclear Deal and more. We look at how the Government is quietly becoming less transparent at the same time. But the highlight is our unplanned discussion with Representative Chris Collins of the New York 27th congressional District.

Rep. Collins exclusively shares why he endorsed Claudia Tenney in the NY-22 race, his expectations for the 115th Congress starting in 2017, and the need for voter turnout in November. No other news media in the Southern Tier has this interview.

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